Toy theatre laboratory (spring 2023)
26 March - 4 June, Tbilisi
It was the second Teatrino toy theatre laboratory! During the lab we experimented with various materials (from acorns and stones to fabrics and papier-mâché), created mini-performances in groups, recorded sounds, and experimented with lighting. We made puppets, wrote haikus. We tried, made mistakes, and found solutions. We argued, got upset, made discoveries, had fun, and at the end of each session, we shared impressions, thoughts, and feelings with each other.

Dates: 26 March — 4 June 2023
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Amount of participants: 15
Age: 7+ (mixed age group)
Number of sessions: 12
Theatrical laboratory (winter 2022)
A a series of 6 workshops creating your own little performances on stage of teatrino.

Exercises on imagination and attention, creating a set and developing characters, working with the body and playing together. In the end presenting little sketches to a wider audience!

In collaboration with Luna Circus animation studio.

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Dates: 12 Nov-18 Dec 2022
Age: for people from 7 to 100+ years old.

More details on our Instagram page.
Nutcracker workshop in St. Petersburg (Russia) 2021
We've been inviting our friends and friend of friends to explore the world of toy theatre together in a cozy atmosphere at our flat in Saint Petersburg. We assembled the theatre together, explored what are the essential parts of a toy theatre and what is common with a real theatre. As part of the presentation we showed a little performance, after that we would give the freedom to participants to explore the capabilities of the theatre.
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